Mumia Abu-Jamal On Israel's War Against The People Of Gaza

"You are protesting against genocide, protesting against mega-violence, paid for, in large part, by American taxpayers who are buying the weapons used by the state of Israel to Punish the people of Gaza.

Notice I said, “Punish the people of Gaza.” This is not. In my estimation, a war between Hamas and Israel; it’s a war between Israel and the people of Gaza, The people of Palestine.

If eighty percent of your targets are not members of Hamas, then either you don’t know how to shoot, or you intend to hit what you hit, you intend to bomb what you bomb, you intend to kill who you kill."

Excerpt from Mumia Address to U Penn Students at the Palestinian Liberation Encampment

Statistic: Number of Palestinian¹ and Israeli² fatalities and injuries caused by war between Hamas and Israel in since October 7, 2023 | Statista
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